Kerstin McKee  Oil Paintings and Ceramic Work    
Artist Statement


People make art for different reasons. It gives me a meditative and spiritual practice, while expressing my passion!

I am drawn to all things organic, and love working with the sensual-provocative imagery of nature. The work is intuitive, yet 'process based' where layers of color and paper provide a starting point for each painting.

The clay, is the essence of nature, offering the feel of the organic. The glazes are often very transparent, requiring 3-4 coats in order to present a solid vibrant surface. The pieces are often finalized with a touch of a gold. This last, but not least of details, is actually real gold in glaze form. It adds a spark of importance, but also fun, to the piece. The work is fired a minimum of three times, in order to achieve all various effects visible.

Regardless of the medium, I am interested in the qualities of regeneration & transformation. This ongoing theme, of celebrating the forces of the plant kingdom, could easily be titled 'The Spiritual Life of Plants'.

"It is of greater importance to create in the spirit of nature than to imitate nature's appearance. Nothing living is finished in its present form; all is movement, rising and falling."
—Axel Salto

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